Gurus in recruiting and improving the skills of your HR-managers

Employees are the foundation of the company, so it is not surprising that the selection of new employees occupies an important place in the human resources department. At the same time, various selection procedures are available to responsible recruiters.

What advice do we offer?

We specialize in HR consulting - attracting managers and experts in the field of human resources. Here, we distinguish between ongoing executive search and professional level search. Our Interim Management Unit provides timely training to HR managers and experts. Many clients combine both consulting services, for example, to implement projects to transform into HR or to eliminate vacancies. In addition, we provide career advice and help companies identify human resources roles.

Our pros

Responsible handling of confidential information for us comes first. For us, trusting, long-term cooperation with clients, personnel managers and professionals, as well as with our team is important. This principle guides us in our relationship with each other.
Our competence stems from knowledge and experience. Our processes and consulting services create tangible added value for our customer companies. They correspond to a specific situation with needs.
Naguru has signed a huge number of successful contracts, we are known and trusted by us. Statistics suggest that you can rely on us and count on our competence.
The percentage of termination of contracts with us is less than 1% of the total. We comply with the deadlines, as well as all the conditions that have been spelled out.

Temporary Human Resources Management: timely qualified support

We specialize in mediation in the temporary management of human resources. The range of services ranges from senior management, middle management, HR partnerships to experienced HR managers, as well as project management and expertise in all areas of HR disciplines. Thanks to our expertise in HR, we are very quick to understand your situation with your needs and can provide you with a very good preselection of temporary HR manager profiles in a timely manner.

Do you want to take one or more HR positions on a permanent basis?

Search for Human Resources Managers
Our executive search team specialises in filling HR manager positions from middle to senior level. The team consists of experienced search consultants and human resources project managers. We also have our own research resources. We will be glad to present to you our proposal and our approach!
Professional staff search
Through professional search, we help you work with HR managers, HR business partners, generalists, and HR professionals. We have an extensive human resources database as well as a pool of qualified experts. To this is added all portfolio of modern and active sources to fill your HR position. We would be happy to provide a suitable offer.

Recruitment and Career Development Consulting

Reorientation or career advice? With us, you can find current vacancies in the human resources department. We closely monitor the development of HR roles and also advise you on your next stage of professional development in HR. We will be happy to answer your questions about the application process, proactive hiring, or other issues related to your HR career.

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